Electro Sensors - Accessories


Explosion Proof Enclosures, NEMA 4 and NEMA 12 Steel Enclosure Kits, and NEMA 4X Fiber Glass Enclosure Kits for protecting speed switches, discs, tachometers, motor controllers, and counters in hazardous environments.

EZ Mounting Magnets

MM-1.25 and MM-2.00 EZ Mounting Magnets are used with the EZ-100 and EZ-SCP Mounting Brackets and are applied to the end of untapped shafts.

EZ-100 & EZ-SCP

Simplifies mounting, installation, and operation with certain models of shaft speed switches and sensors.

EZ-3/4in & EZ-18mm

The EZ-18mm and the EZ-3/4in Easy Mount Bracket Assemblies are used with Electro-Sensors speed sensors to generate pulses or 4-20 mA signals for use with display meters, speed switches, or PLC inputs. Pulser Disc included.