Electro Sensors - Motor Drive Control

Accu-Tach & Accu-Dial

Motor speed control potentiometers with a programmable LCD display for the speed setting or measured shaft speed. The LCD displays four digits in user units. Accu-Tach works with pulse-frequency output shaft speed sensors and incremental shaft encoders.


Closed-loop motor speed drive control. Pulse-locked Master and zero-cumulative-error Ratio-Follower (electronic gearing) modes. Features include multiple setpoints, contact-closure input and NPN output functions. Works with incremental shaft encoders.


Closed-loop motor speed drive control. Master and Ratio-Follower modes and programmable input functions. Options include analog speed feedback input, analog setpoint inputs and relay outputs. Works with incremental shaft encoders and pulse-frequency output shaft speed sensors.


Closed-loop synchronous motor speed drive control. Modes include zero-cumulative-error Ratio-Follower (electronic gearing) and zero-cumulative-error Index-Follower (mechanical event/phase synchronization). Features include Forward-only and Forward/Reverse settings for uni/bi-directional control, multiple setpoints and many programmable contact-closure input and NPN output functions. Builds numerous machine synchronizing/follower processes. Works with quadrature incremental shaft encoders (all modes) and prox, photo-eye and other presence/event sensors (Index-Follower mode).