IDEC - AMCI Motion Controls

IANF2 Motion Controllers

A 2-axis motion controller that can be expanded up to 12 axes. It can accept encoder feedback to provides stall detection and move verification. It includes six discrete inputs for move conditioning and other functions, and four discrete outputs to indicate status and provide diagnostics.

IANG1 Integrated Stepper Controller + Drive

AMCI by IDEC’s integrated Stepper controller+drive combo is a ground-breaking approach to PLC-based motion control systems. With its servo performance in a stepper motion hardware, the IANG1 series can be expanded up to 6 axes

ISMD23 Integrated Stepper Motor + Drive

AMCI by IDEC’s motor+drive combo unit can control one to six axes of motion, and it combines all the features of the two-axis controller and the drive into a single unit.

ISMD23E Integrated Stepper Motor + Drive + Controller

AMCI by IDEC’s controller+drive+motor combo unit provides all-in-one motion control with all the features of the two-axis controller, drive and stepper motor.