IDEC - Operator Interfaces

HG1F Basic 4.6" Series

The HG1F 4.6" monochrome touchscreen has a super bright LCD screen and slim design. It has a high performance CPU & high resolution screen. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Get all the features of a large touchscreen in a small one.

HG1G Compact 4.3" Series

The super-bright 4.3” HG1G TFT LCD series of touchscreens offer a high resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, and a vivid 65K color-display with a brightness of 800cd/m2. With most of the features and functionalities found in a larger screen, including remote monitoring and control and an FTP function, HG1G also supports multiple communications – up to four protocols simultaneously – and has a best-in-class LED backlight life of 70,000 hours!

HG1X Text Display Series

The HG1X series are text message displays with built-in user defi nable function keys which make them an excellent tool for small applications. The bright, back lit LCD screens can display data, alarms, errors, and data entry. The user can defi ne as many screens as allowed by the memory and create multiple alarms with basic acknowledgements. In addition, they can communicate with IDEC PLCs as well as many other major brand PLCs.

HG2G Enhanced 5.7" Series

The NEW HG2G Enhanced Communication HMI, a significant upgrade to their previous 5.7 inch model. The color version of the HG2G Enhanced Communication HMI has a resolution of 65,536 colors via its TFT LCD screen and a brightness of 500 cd/m2. The monochrome model has a resolution of 16 shades and a brightness of 1100 cd/m2. This level of resolution produces a much improved viewing experience, and the increased brightness allows screens to be easily seen even in direct sunlight. Viewing can be configured for either portrait or landscape.

High-Performance OI Touchscreens

The high performance 5.7", 8.4", 10.4" & 12.1" series of HMI offer powerful features, functionalities, and wide range of connectivity. The displays have high-definition like TFT LCD screen with resolutions up to 800x600 pixels, provides sharp images and superior visibility and 65,536 colors make screen views more realistic and crisp. In addition, these screens use a 400mHz RISC processor and are the brightest displays in the market today reaching up to 800 cd/m2! The 8.4" to 12.1" touchscreens have video input and audio in/ out to closely monitor machine conditions. In addition, all models support remote access, monitor and control!