IDEC - Relays & Sockets

RF Series

Slim relays with mechanically linked contacts adhering to EN50205. Ideal for safety circuits and available in 4 pole and 6 pole models.

RH Series

Compact 10A ice-cube plug in relays, SPDT, DPDT, 3PDT or 4PDT, blade or PCB type. DPDT modle UL rated for 500K life cycles.

RJ PCB Series

Quality, high contact relays ideal for appliance or electronic PCB manufacturing. 8A, 12A or 16A rated contacts. SPDT, SPST-NO, DPDT or DPST-NO formats.

RJ Series

Available in both Plug-in blade or PCB type, SPDT or DPDT (Form A or Form C) configuration, and up to 16A rated contact.

RQ Series

IDEC’s RQ relays are low-profile, PCB relays that provide quality within a compact package. RQ relays are small, yet maintain high contact ratings and long operational life. For larger power needs, a 16A model is also available.

RR Series

RR series relays provide reliable switching for industrial loads. Using pure silver contacts, they are rated up to 10A and 240V AC. Terminals are available in two styles, 8 or 11 pin tubular (octal) or .187" plug-in. Coil voltages range from 6VDC to 240VAC.

RR2KP Series

These magnetic latching relays have excellent self-holding performance and operate by pulse input so they maintain conditions even during power failures. They are available in AC and DC coil voltages up to 10A. DIN rail and panel mount sockets are available for a wide range of mounting applications.

RU Series

The adaptable RU series are available in either 2 pole (DPDT) or 4 pole (4DPDT) models. Both RU2 and RU4 models have multiple standard features, including a non-polarized green indicator LED, a mechanical indicator flag, an easily accessible and replaceable marking plate, and a manual latching lever, coded orange/red for AC coil and green/blue for DC coil.

RV8 Interface Series

IDEC interface relays provide a compact solution for general purpose relay requirements. The RV8 series interface relays are ideal for PLC and other controller output, industrial automation, panel builders, assembly machine applications and other applications that require a high switching capability in a compact space. The RV8 relays can be used as a universal interfaces between the controller and the actuator to switch small and medium size loads.

RY-RM Series

The RY/RM series of relays satisfy applications for lower level switching needs such as pilot lights or logic level devices. The RY has standard gold plated contacts to prevent contact oxidation from affecting circuit continuity, while optional Palladium alloy bifurcated contacts reduce contact bounce and allow circuit switching in the micro-amp range.