IDEC - Universal Photoelectric

S10 M18 Tubular

The S10 series, in a practical and sturdy tubular M18 metal housing, suits the more difficult applications in the mechanical or food industries. The IP69K mechanical protection guarantees resistance to wash down with water jets at high temperatures reaching 80°C and pressure reaching 100 bar. Moreover, AISI-316L stainless steel versions are available for a major resistance towards chemical agents and aggressive detergents as well as to acid corrosion.

S15 M18 Tubular

The main characteristic of the new M18 tubular S15 sensors is the housing length of only 40 mm, especially suitable for applications with reduced space. The new S15 series is available with cable output, in order to maximize the concept of reduced dimensions’ as well as to offer contemporaneously the best installation flexibility. The S15 series is supplied without the sensitivity adjustment trimmer to ease and speedup installation. This feature drastically reduces the possibility of allowing the operator to modify the sensor’s performances and so guaranteeing major reliability and productivity. The main optic functions used in the industrial market are available, polarized retro-reflective, non-polarized retro-reflective, diffuse proximity and through beam. These sensors are ideal for the most critical applications with harsh environmental conditions thanks to the IP69K mechanical protection.

S30 Heavy-Duty

Thanks to a 12 m polarised retroreflex model, a 2 m diffuse proximity, a background suppression over 1 m, and a 50 m through beam couple, the S30 series is the reference for the most demanding applications.

S40 Miniature

The photoelectric sensors of the S40 series, in the innovative miniature housing, offer all the main optic functions with the advantages of microprocessor control and automatic Teach-in and Remote setting with EASYtouchTM procedure. The series includes different models: 30 cm diffuse proximity and 10 cm background suppression, 4 m retro-reflective, 3 m polarized retro-reflective, or 0.7 m version for the detection of transparent glass or PET objects, 6 m through beam models, all with visible red emission.

S41 Miniature

The S41 series offers a basic line of photoelectric sensors in miniature housing, ideal for applications that require reduced dimensions and costs. The optic functions include a diffuse proximity adjustable from 0 to 35 cm and a 11 cm fixed focus proximity suitable for background suppression; 2.5 m polarized retro-reflective, 1 m retro-reflective for transparent and 6 m through beam are available for longer operating distances; the latter is also available in a narrow beam emitter version that allows to place sensors side by side without interferences.

S5 M18 Tubular

The S5 series offers a range of plastic tubular M18 photoelectric sensors. The most varied optic functions can be chosen amongst the fixed focus or diffuse proximity models with short, medium or long operating distances reaching 60 cm; the 4 m retro reflective, 3 m polarized retro reflective and 1 m for detection of transparent materials; the 12 m through beam and models with fiber-optic connection. Different versions with either axial or radial optics are available. The series offers connector or cable connection, 3 wire VAC versions or 4 wire VDC versions with complete configuration of the NPN/PNP output and dark/light mode.

S50 M18 Tubular

The S50 series offers all optical functions within M18 housing. With the universal sensing functions of proximity, polarized retro-reflective and through beam, which are also available with class 1 laser emission, as well as the more advanced functions of background suppression, background/foreground suppression, analogue displacement, contrast and luminescence, the S50 really is one housing for all applications. The S50 setting is carried out-by either by potentiometer, which is sealed to IP67, or using the patented EASYtouch™ push-button teach system, which gives rapid and precise automatic setting of the switching points.

S51 M18 Tubular

The S51 series offers a cost-effective solution in M18 photoelectric sensors, with a wide range of operating distances. The diffuse proximity model has a 10cm fixed operating distance with a wide emission spectrum. Also available is a version with a 1 - 40cm adjustable operating distance. Standard retro-reflective models have an operating distance up to 4m while the polarized retro-reflective models, used for reliable detection of reflective objects, are fitted with a sensitivity adjustment and have a 3.5m operating distance. The emitter and receiver models, used for longer operating distances, reach 18 meters.

S6 Compact

The S6 series, thanks to the excellent detection performances and the variety of power supply and connection possibilities, offers the most complete universal sensor range in the compact 50x50 mm housing. The operating distance can be set to the optimal value in each model: 2 m diffuse proximity, 25 or 50 cm background suppression, 5 m polarized retro-reflective, 1 m retro-reflective versions for transparent objects and 20 m through beam.

S60 Compact

The S60 sensors have a sensitivity adjustment that provides quick and precise setting of the switching threshold. These sensors also have an M12 connection that can be used straight or rotated to a right-angle position. All versions have NPN or PNP outputs and standard configurations conforming to the EN60947-5-2 standard.

S62 Compact

The S62 series, in a 50 x 50 x 18mm compact plastic housing, offers maximum performance for industrial automation applications. The background suppression proximity models can detect up to 300mm using visible red LED emission, or up to 2000mm with infrared emission. The operating distance can be adjusted through a precise multiturn mechanical regulation of optical triangulation to obtain maximum immunity against color differences of the detected object or of the background, even if very reflective.

S7 Fiber Optic

The S7 series is the first fiber optic amplifier to be manufactured in Europe that is equipped with a full 4 digit display, confirming Datasensor's technological leadership. With its slim 10mm body width, the S7 represents the ideal solution for all applications requiring high accuracy sensing combined with very compact dimensions. The high resolution 12 bit amplifier has a response time of 50 μs for a switching frequency of 10 KHz; 4096 resolution steps make the S7 series perfect for ultra high precision detection of small objects and low color contrasts. This is made easier by the integral 4 digit display, which clearly indicates the received signal, selected time delay and the adjustable set point values. Moreover, the white light LED emission possibility enhances the contrast detection.