IDEC - Vision

DATAVS1 Series

The DATAVS1 series is the easiest solution for the machine vision applications. DATAVS1 relies on the concept of a completely embedded vision sensor. The setup is very quick and intuitive thanks to the VSC unit, the external configurator with 3.5” colour display and pushbuttons. No PC is needed for the configuration. The image processing is completely carried out inside the sensor, which is able to work in stand alone mode after the setup. The VSC unit can provide a real time monitoring of the images, but it is not required during the functioning of the sensor and so it can be disconnected and used to setup multiple sensors. DATAVS1 allows a single control on each image, but offers different kind of tools to solve several tasks: product orientation on conveyor belts, presence/absence on assembly lines, overprinting controls on packaging machineries.

DATAVS2 Series

The DATAVS2 series of vision sensors presents all the characteristics able to solve artificial machine vision problems in a flexible and intuitive manner. The setup of the DATAVS2 is carried-out on a PC using Ethernet connection, ensuring a high level of flexibility. A Graphic User Interface based on a Wizard system leads step by step the user in the creation of the inspection. Different models according to different software tools are available: Object Recognition, Advanced Object Recognition (with 360° pattern matching), Identification (Barcode, Datamatrix and OCV). The sensor can store up to 20 different inspections, that can be selected using digital pulses or via Ethernet. The sensor is able to contemporarily carry-out different controls on the same object, thus reducing installation time and costs compared to using more devices in the same application.

SIL Illuminator Series

The solid-state illuminator SIL series of Datasensor has been developed to offer a complete range of industrial lighting solutions for machine vision or general harsh environment industrial lighting applications. The illuminators of the SIL series are fully integrated devices: optics, electronics and LED driver unit are built inside the same housing, thus easing the device installation. Many different SIL models are available according to the format (Line, Area, Ring, Spot and Backlight), the LEDs (red, white, IR, blue, green) and the emission angle (Spot, Flood, Diffuse, Line). Easy electrical connections are ensured thanks to standard M8 4 pole male connectors, continuous lighting or logical input easy-selectable strobe operation. The SIL illuminators are particularly suitable for machine vision applications, barcode and data matrix readers, microscope lightening.